Specialty Plastics Orders — No Problem!


Specialty syrup tankA professor from a university in Rhode Island contacted us after finding us on our website. He needed help in designing a tank to be used for testing different concentrations of corn syrup.

The challenge for our engineers was to develop a large tank that could also allow for a camera to be mounted on the side so they could videotape the swirling syrup. With a tank this large, we had to install flanges (stiffeners) so the pressure from the fluid did not cause the tank to bow or break the walls.

We decided to use 1/2″ thick clear acrylic for the tank as well as the flanges. That way, we could put a partial flange on the one side of the tank so the camera could be mounted against the side wall. A top was also designed so the swirling syrup would not splash out. The professor also wanted a camera to be mounted on the top for observation. The main tank was cemented with polymerizable cement for clarity and strength.

The professor was very pleased with the engineering and fabrication of the tank. He also informed us that his research with the corn syrup tank has been very successful.

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